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     Hello, aloha, bula, kia ora, cheers, G’day mate, I’m Dave, (web handle ~ "SeaJester"), and welcome to my home page and web site. Since leaving San Diego, California, USA, January 1997, I have been sailing my 34ft sailing sloop, "Selena", south along the coast of Mexico and then across the Pacific Ocean for fun, adventure, and most of all to meet the people of many cultures among the islands and countries that I visit. I am not out to set any new records or claim a prize, other than the personal education and cultural enrichment that comes from traveling in such a way.
This web site is to present the fun, adventure, and most of all the interesting people and places that I visit. Hope you experience some of the same while visiting here with your web browser.

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As this web site did not get started until recently not all places I have visited are online yet. They start with Fiji because that is where I was at the time. The Australia section is just getting started, which is where I am presently sailing. Additional pages will be added as I go along, and on my past locations, Mexico, French Polynesia, and New Zealand as time permits. If you opt to be on my Emailing list I will send you an update note with HyperLink to new pages as they are added.


Site Map The easiest way to navigate through my web-site is from the Site-Map page (similar to a Table of Contents in a book).

Map Room. Here is a collection of maps showing Selena's sailing routes, and a few of general interest to sailors.

Selena's Story. I am sometimes asked if I picked Selena's name. Actually the answer is more the other way around.

Weather Links.Weather and Forecasting are always favorite topics amoung sailors. Here is a page with my favorite web sites for weather information.

How to get around my web site.
This web site features "Easy-Links" navigation. The colored left and right borders of each page are also Navigation Links (Hyper-Links) that extend the full length of the page. Clicking anywhere on the Right Border will usually return you to the top of that page. Clicking anywhere on the Left Border will usually take you to the Site Map (Table of Contents) for that chapter, or back to the previous page. At the bottom of each page are text Hyper-Links for the primary pages for that chapter.
Clicking on the small pictures in a page will usually take you to a full size view of that picture and more of the story. Clicking their left border will return you to the paragraph with the small picture.
Take my Guided Tour.
If you wish to proceed through the web site or a chapter as though on a Guided Tour use the "Next" Links. The ones at the end of a Paragraph will scroll to the next paragraph or section. The ones at the bottom of each page will take you to the next page. The one on the last page will take you back to the beginning of that section or the Next Chapter, as labeled.
How this web site is organized.
There are sections, or chapters, for each place I visit and each open ocean passage. Places I spend more time in may have sub-chapters. Each chapter will have it's own Home Page and Site Map (Table of Contents). That way when you are in the Australian section you do not have to read through links that reference the Mexico section. All chapters are referenced from the Main Site Map in the Main Home Page section. From here you can easily jump from Australia back to Mexico if you wish. Route maps and Passage notes are referenced from the Main Site Map.
Each Chapter Home Page (Title Page) provides an introduction for that section, and each Chapter Site Map provides links to all pages within that chapter, including a link back to the Main Site Map and Home Page.
Use the Site Maps for easy random navigation, and the "Next-Links" to navigate through the web site as though on a guided tour. Hope you find your exploration here fun and interesting.
About this WebSite
This site is primarily to document the adventures, places, and people that I meet. It is not meant to be a comprehensive travel or sailing guide. Therefore you will find that some places may be documented quite well, if I spent much time there and have personal knowledge of it, but other places, even nearby, may not be mentioned at all. I strive to be as accurate as possible but as I do not have the time or resources to research every single fact I write about, you may find a few errors or misconceptions. Some of you may have been to these same places but see them in a completely different light. I try to avoid being judgmental but as they say, one person's paradise may be another's purgatory.
I you should notice any errors or items that need updating please send an Email with appropriate information. Be sure to include which page it refers to by including (use Copy and Paste) the URL Address (found in the URL address bar of your browser while viewing the page).
Earth topo,
click for Map Room. Disclaimer:  Do NOT attempt to use any of the maps or charts for navigation purposes. This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive travel or sailing guide. Any of the facts reported about any places may have changed and may have inaccuracies due to misinformation or accidental error in the first place. If you plan to travel to any of these places check everything out for yourself.

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