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Links to my favorite weather sites on the wwweb. This list is, of course, primarily sites of interest for Mariners. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, just the sites that I have personally found to be useful or interesting. If you know of a weather site particularly useful for cruising sailors please drop me an Email with the URL (Web Address).

NOTE: When looking at weather charts DO NOT assume they are the latest version. Check the date and timestamp printed on each chart. Sometimes web sites may skip a day or so before getting updates. Also if you have visited a site before you may need to click the Refresh button on your browser, as it may load an older version from your hard drive cache, instead of downloading the latest chart from the web site.

Marine Weather Links

Regional Wx - Australia Regional Weather - Australia
Aus, Home Page Australia Weather, Home Page, Gov Bureau of Meteorology
Aus, Charts Australia Weather Charts, Gov Bureau of Meteorology
Aus, isobars Australia MSL MeanSeaLevel Analysis, Gov Bureau of Meteorology
Aus, Marine Australia, Marine Weather, Gov Bureau of Meteorology. Text reports provide excellent forecasts for each region.
Aus, Wx Radar Australia, Weather Radar. Updates every few minutes with local radar image of Thunderstorms and rain. Select region of interest. Gov Bureau of Meteorology
Brisbane Yahoo Wx - Brisbane (Lat 27-27s Lon 153-02e), Queensland, Australia
Townsville Yahoo Wx - Townsville (Lat 19-15s Lon 146-48e), Queensland, Australia
Aus, Severe Weather Australia, Severe Weather hobby site, run by talented Australian severe weather enthusiasts. Lots of good images and info.
Regional Wx - Oceania Regional Weather - Oceania
Fiji, Home Page Gov Fiji Meteorological Service HomePage. Suva (Lat 18-08s Lon 178-25e), Viti Levu, Fiji.
Fiji, Charts Fiji Marine isobar Charts, Gov Department of Meteorology. Fiji charts are basic BnW "Classic" style Wx charts, that give excellent coverage for the mid-South Pacific region, and include Fronts and Wind indicators. Very useful.
Fiji, Forecast Fiji Marine Bulletins, Text, Gov Meteorological Service
Storm Warnings Storm Warnings, Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone Tracking
Storm UH Tropical Storm Tracks are charts and projections of severe storm and hurricane/typhoon movement in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean areas. From University of Hawaii.
Storm NRL Detailed information on current Tropical Cyclones, world wide. NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division, Tropical Cyclone Page, US Navy, Hawaii. Very thorough. Includes historical information and images. Uses many abbreviations and technical terms so takes a bit of "trial and error" clicking to learn how to use this site, but worth the trouble if you want detailed info on any tropical cyclones.
QuikSCAT Storms QuikSCAT Storms section. This is a unique new satellite based system to actually detect wind and wave activity at the ocean surface using radar. It then displays detailed wind speed and direction on color coded charts, with updates on an hourly basis. Very good but you must read their usage guide to interpret the charts correctly.
Typhoon Warning Typhoon Warning Center - US Navy. Includes Current Bulletins with Tropical Disturbance Summaries that can provide early probability of cyclone development.
SuperTyphoon SuperTyphoon, info and images about TCs.
NOAA Hurricane United States National Hurricane Center, NOAA
IGES Hurricane IGES, Hurricane Intensity, Maximum Potential. The maps graphically display potential minimum pressure and maximum winds, for various TC regions.
TC FAQ, NOAA Tropical Cyclone FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), NOAA.
Gen Marine General Global Marine Weather Sites
QuikSCAT QuikSCAT Wind and Ocean Surface charts. This is a unique new satellite based system to actually detect wind and wave activity at the ocean surface using radar. It then displays detailed wind speed and direction on color coded charts, with updates on an hourly basis. Very good but you must read their usage guide to interpret the charts correctly.
IGES HomePage IGES Weather HomePage (good weather charts)
NCEP Marine NCEP Marine Prediction Center, NOAA, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Home Page NOAA, United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Home Page
NOAA Marine Weather The National Weather Service is the primary source of weather data, forecasts and warnings for the United States. Television weathercasters and private meteorology companies prepare their forecasts using this information.
NOAA Links United States National Hurricane Center, NOAA. Their Links page for further exploring.
Special Interest Special Interest and educational Weather Section. These are not necessarily marine, but are included because of some unique or interesting feature.
SEI NOAA Significant Event Imagery, NOAA
Climate-NOAA US National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
Unisys Wx Unisys Weather - Historical Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone information.
ElN Summaries El Niņo and La Niņa Forecasts - Summaries.
SOI Index SOI, Southern Oscillation Index, graph and archives. The SOI is used as an indicator for studying El Nino conditions.
ElN NOAA El Niņo Theme Page, NOAA
Fourmilab Fourmilab, Switzerland. Very interesting site with great weather and scientific information.
Global Wx Weather - World Wide. Just a few of the many general wx sites that are world wide in scope.
Yahoo! Wx Yahoo! is one of the oldest search and information sites on the net and is still going strong. I have tried the other more "HiTech" looking sites, but I keep coming back to Yahoo! especially for weather and information. Their uncomplicated format provides stability, reliability, speed, and ease of use, and their content is as good as any.
Intellicast Global Intellicast Weather
WMO WMO World Meteorological Org
Fourmilab Wx Swiss Fourmilab, Global Weather, fun and interesting.
UK Meto United Kingdom Meteorological Office, HomePage
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Please Note: WebSites listed on these Links pages are ones that I have visited that may have useful information for sailors and travelers. The list is not intended to be comprehensive or necessarily the "best" available. They are included primarily for your convenience, to evaluate for your own purposes, and are NOT necessarily "endorsed" by me. Happy Web-Sailing, SeaJ.

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