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Please Note: WebSites listed on these Links pages are ones that I have visited that may have useful information for sailors and travelers. The list is not intended to be comprehensive or necessarily the "best" available. They are included primarily for your convenience, to evaluate for your own purposes, and are NOT necessarily "endorsed" by me. Happy Web-Sailing, SeaJ.
Weather Marine meteorology and Weather Links for sailors.
Friends WebSites This page has links to WebSites that my friends have made, that may be of interest.
Nautical Places Informational and Marine Supplies for sailors, and Bosuns Locker. Marine Radio, Diesel engine parts, transmissions, Sail Making supplies, Batteries, Sailing Magazines, etc.
Travel General Travel Links, Tickets OnLine, Communications and Telephone, Backpackers, Cyber-Cafes, etc.
Search Engines Search Engines and Web-Directories.
Australia Regional Links - Australia. Marinas, marine supplies, Web-Directories for Aus, Computers, camping, public transportation in Australia, Tours, etc.
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