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Mailing Address:
PO Box 58643
Vernon, CA 90058 USA

Regular paper mail will be forwarded to me.

Sending Email:
Before sending Email please read the following:
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While I love hearing from my friends and acquaintances, receiving Email while wandering around in far off places, can have certain difficulties. Often I am connecting through a third party service which is generally slower than what you are used to, and usually I am paying by the minute. DownLoading Emails with files or pictures attached is very slow and can get quite expensive. So please do not send attached images or files, and format your Email as "Plain Text".
Plain Text downloads very quickly and efficiently, so lots of words are not a problem. Even a 4 page letter will download in seconds if formatted as Plain Text. So please do write and tell me all your news.

So what's so special about Plain Text? Click Here.
So, tell me "all your news", but please follow a few simple do's and don'ts.

Write and tell me all your news, adventures, and what's new in your life.
Format your Email as "Plain Text".

Do NOT use formatted text, Fonts, Colors, Stationery, etc.
Do NOT send pictures or graphics.
Do NOT send jokes, unless you made it up yourself.
Do NOT send "Warnings" about the latest "Virus" on the Internet.

NEVER-EVER send or forward any Email you receive that tells you to forward or "pass it on" to all you friends, no matter how "funny or fantastic" it seems, or how much "bad luck" you will incur by "breaking the chain".
NEVER-EVER send or forward cute animations, or executable files (ones that you "click on" or do something all by themselves).
Please do NOT send any nifty card from one of those free "send a nifty card" to your friends, web site, no matter how cute or clever it may be. I will appreciate the thought much more if you put it in your own words, even if they are not as clever.
NEVER-EVER put my Email address in any form on any web site even if they promise a "fabulous free prize".

So, the following image shows my Email address, but you will have to type it into your Email or Address Book yourself. Clicking on it will NOT automatically put the address in your Email for you. This is necessary to avoid detection by those nasty "spiders" the junk mail barons send around the internet.
         How to prevent junk mail? Click Here.

I periodically send notification via Email when I make updates to the web-site, or notes on my travels. If you would like to be on this list for updates just let me know. Of course my list will never be divulged to outside sources (as in Spammers or advertisers) so not to worry. Updates are in plain text and usually have links to any new material on the web-site.

SeaJester's address. Please format your Emails as Plain Text.

I will be looking forward to your correspondence, and thanks for your kind consideration by heeding the above guidelines.

Fair winds, SeaJester

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