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Selena's story
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      In the Age of Aquarius there lived a young man who dreamed of far off places. He would go down to the cliffs overlooking the sea and gaze out across the wide rolling ocean and try to imagine the far off lands that lay beyond the seemingly unreachable horizon. A favorite pastime for him became wandering around the local harbor just to look at the sailboats and daydream. He had been born under the Sign of Cancer, the Crab, with Aquarius rising, and was therefore a Moonchild.

      Each night Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon, carries her mysterious orb across the sky in her mythical chariot, cloaked in pale white light. Some nights she would look down and see him standing alone upon the cliff overlooking the sea. She noticed his red hair disheveled by the wind, as he watched her serene light stretch out across the sparkling ocean. One night she asked him what he was gazing at so intently. When he told her that he saw her reflection as a path across the water that he wished he could follow to all the far off and fascinating places beyond the horizon, she decided to take pity on his shore bound plight. So the following day she sent one of her more adventurous daughters, Selena, down to the Earth bound Sea in the form of a sailing boat, to help him follow her luminous trail.

      When Selena first dipped her keel into the Sea, not far from the shore, she couldn't help a playful laugh as the waves tickled her toe. She spread her new sails and spent her first afternoon, in her new sailboat form, sailing about froliking with wind and wave and learning to tack and gibe. Her uncle Poseidon, god of the Sea, liked to play tricks to embarrass her and would send choppy waves to make her trip on her keel, but her cousin Ariadne, daughter of the wind goddess, would send a favorable gust to try and steady her course. Selena saw the young man her mother had told her about, sitting on the edge of a nearby pier and staring out to sea from under a funny looking hat. Ariadne couldn't resist and sent a small wind devil to blow his hat over his face and his red hair into his eyes, just to tease him. Selena felt sorry for him and a twinge of jealousy and sailed over to him to chase away her mischievous cousin. Just as she approached, her onerous uncle Poseidon, sent a rogue wave that caught her off guard making her trip on her keel, ruffling her sails and tangling her lines in disarray.

      The young man saw her embarrassing plight, but immediately fell in love with her. He quickly secured a dock line to steady her and prevent a nasty bump on the dock, then jumped aboard to untangle her lines and neatly furl her sails. He said "I saw you sailing so deftly and gracefully out on the ocean, but when you approached the dock, somehow the Moon opened my eyes and I saw what Poseidon did to you". "I have an idea", he exclaimed. He pulled his funny hat on tight and dove into the sea. He swam to the bottom, picked some seaweed to drape around his shoulders and put shells on his feet, hands, and nose. He then swam straight up to Poseidon, announced that he was the god of Tangling Seaweed and would trip him right back. He grabbed Poseidon by the leg and with all his strength gave a tremendous yank. Of course Poseidon being a mythical god and a million times more powerful than this outlandish little mortal, didn't even budge and barely felt a thing. At first he looked down on him with menacing eyes, and the young man thought, what the heck am I doing and swam fast as he could straight for the surface trailing bits of seaweed and hat tangling in his red hair. The sight of such an audacious jest made Poseidon laugh so hard he let him go, and started off to tell of the joke to his mythical brothers in their kingdom in the clouds. But before departing he said, "sail together in peace, but take good care of my niece lest I revisit you and return Selena to her Mother in the sky".

      The young man climbed back aboard Selena, dripping wet but thinking only of sailing with Selena. She said, "I like you, you make me laugh too, like a Jester of the Sea. Untie that dock line SeaJester and let me show you what's over that horizon out there". But he said, "Night is falling and we will get lost in the dark". But as the cloak of darkness fell over the sea, Artemis looked down on her moon children with care and laid a sparkling silvery luminous trail out across the wide ocean to guide them.

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