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Nakama Creek harbor, Copra Shed, Savusavu, Fiji Islands
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Looking east from the entrance to Nakama Creek Harbor, with the Copra Shed on right, and various international cruising yachts sitting peacefully at their moorings. This harbor is considered one of the most protected from adverse weather in the Fijian Islands and even in much of the South Pacific Ocean. It has the added benefit of being relatively unspoiled with pleasant surroundings and adequate and convenient supplies available in town. This is one of the reasons Selena and I decided to stay here through the summer cyclone season of November through May. Historically it is very rare that the full force of a Tropical Cyclone hits this harbor, although this is always a possibility to be seriously considered while staying in any tropical area. Weather is by nature unpredictable (pun intended), and unusual weather events can happen anytime or anywhere. Savusavu is surrounded by the greater Island of Vanua Levu with sufficient land mass and high hills that probably diminish the affect of strong weather systems, however brief afternoon thunder squalls with gusty winds and rain are quite common, especially during the summer. Most of the time the weather is relatively easy and nice for a tropical area, but competent mooring or anchoring gear is necessary. The harbor is deep, about 50 feet (15 meters) with diminished anchor holding due to lack of scope, so it is recommended to use one of the many paid moorings. At present there are two groups of moorings, white with letters CSM administered by the Copra Shed Marina, and red-orange colored administered by the new Waitui Marina.
The upper eastern end of the harbor has some shallower areas with mud bottom, but has some reefs extending into it. A couple areas suitable for anchoring can be found but much care is needed to find a clear spot between the reefs. Tides range about 4 feet (1.2 meters).
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